Constelaciones Familiares

Family, Primal & Personal Constellations


What happens in a workshop of Family Constellations is a phenomenon still unexplained…
Some relate scientifically this phenomenon with the morphogenetic fields or «Knowing Fields» while others believe it is a challenge to any scientific explanation and belongs to the field of the psychomagic.

What kind of problems can be solved?
– Personal relationships (between parents and children, between siblings, couples,…)
– Mild disorders, both psychological and physical.
(fatigue, hypertension, muscle pain, headache or backache,…)
– Serious illnesses, both mental and physical.
(schizophrenia, deep depressions and suicides,… and major physical diseases such as cancer)
– Addictions and dependencies. (drug addiction, alcoholism, anorexia,…)
– Issues related to work, money, business, …
– Issues related to companies and organizations.

What is a Family Constellation?
The natural order of love that Bert Hellinger found shows us how deeply we are connected to our family group memory.
You have never been a disconnected individual from your family, no matter how much you may have tried or believed you were.
We are not only conditioned and influenced by our personal history and the culture surrounding us, but deeply connected to the roots of our families.
There is an invisible energy connecting the members of a family that is passed from generation to generation, conditioning not only the behavior, but the destiny of each individual.
The unresolved issues of one generation are taken by the members of the following generations in an unconscious attempt to re-establish the lost balance.
This often leads to behaviors and difficulties which do not belong to us, and those unresolved issues are brought into couple relationships and difficulties with children, parents or siblings.
Family Constellation is a unique and powerful way of looking and solving the systemic causes of suffering.
This will affect not only personal relationships, but almost all areas of our lives, from work or money to depression or anxiety.
It is a powerful hidden loyalty to our family system that can also manifest in a variety of illnesses and additions.
Family Constellations is probably the deepest and most powerful therapy you ever imagined. It reveals deep truths about our families and ourselves, and it can heal us, liberate us and transform our lives.
This unique work not only uncovers any self-destructive dynamic, but allows a slow natural healing within our family system.
As strange as it may sound, only by getting closer to our family and recognizing our unique place there, we are finally able to go beyond our family.
As Bert Hellinger said: “When the family has been brought into its natural order, the individual can leave it behind while still feeling the strength of his family supporting him….. and he can go about his personal affairs without anything from the past weighing him down or holding him back.»
The Primal way of dealing with trauma complements any limitations of the Family Constellations approach so that a true holistic healing may happen in a few sessions.

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