Constelaciones Familiares y Personales

What is a Personal Constellation?

The «Knowing Field» of a Family Constellation applied to heal our personal life, from early childhood to the present moment.
This «personal» methodology involves a novel bridge between the most conventional psychologies and the modern trans-personal psychotherapies.

Many of the psychological problems that often require many months of individual therapy, can be solved «almost magically» experiencing this powerful «act» [Video Examples].


Individual therapy in a group

A Personal Constellation is an individual therapy in a group experience.


What is the difference with other Family Constellations workshops?

Instead of working with family entanglements, a Personal Constellation works with critical moments in the life of the person, integrating the Primal therapy vision within the methodology of Family Constellations.
The basic model is simple. It consists in working with representatives of different stages of the person. For example, you can choose 5 representatives for yourself: a «baby», a «boy/girl», a «teenager», a «young man/woman», and an «adult male/female».

Do you only work with representatives that represent stages of the life of the person?
The objective is to harmonize the «internal dialogues», so we must work primarily with the personal life of the individual, and incorporate some conceptual elements as defenses, love, fear, etc.
However, it is sometimes necessary to represent the parents or other family members to include those dynamics into the Personal Constellation.
This movement of integration between the personal and the trans-personal world is the most delicate part in facilitating a Personal Constellation.


A bit of history

Family Constellations have evolved very quickly, since the more structured methodology of the «orders of love» to the «spiritual constellations» (Hellinger science), passing through the so-called «movements of the soul».

Numerous professionals, coming from very different backgrounds, are experimenting with new ways of using this methodology in their own work, and a Personal Constellations is an example to highlight. It is a tool that allows you to unlock and release old traumas suffered during your life, as well as enriches your journey towards greater personal well-being and a deeper understanding of your life.


Personal story

In one of the Family Constellations workshops I attended in 2002, just a few months before I started to facilitate my own workshops from a Primal perspective, the facilitator suggested to a participant that she should treat her problem in individual therapy, because that was a personal problem that can not be treated in a Family Constellations workshop.
While it is true that some individual therapy sessions are always advisable, I have to say, after facilitating more than 2,000 constellations (2003-2019), that the Family Constelations model is an ideal scenario to represent and solve any personal trauma.

In this sense, a Personal Constellation not only serves as a complement to other more conventional methods of exploration, analysis and search for solutions, but it provides an insightful vision in the resolution of our emotional entanglements and a very effective way to solve them.

The Personal Constellations approach is like an x-ray that reveals the «internal disagreements» that have led the «I» to divide itself and maintain the internal fragmentation activated .

When the fundamental dynamics that fragmented and separated us from our «true self» are revealed, a new stage of understanding opens towards a deeper fullfilment. This opening is much more than an intellectual understanding, it is a vital process that balances and harmonizes our mind with our heart.

As in a Family Constellation, where a place of dignity and respect is given to each member of the family, in a personal constellation each «mini-I» finds its place of understanding and recognition within the framework of their own circumstances and difficulties.
The different personalities, active or latent, created and developed in different stages of our lives, are reflected in the «magical» stage of the Personal Constellations, where they recognize and reunite, harmonizing so the «internal dialogue» into a much more integrated personality.

To see the stages of our life, not only help us to understand the traumatic events that have fragmented our inner reality, but gives place to a dynamic process of interaction between the different shells of the «Self».

As with any deep emotional therapy, a Personal Constellation has a very positive effect in our physical health.


Angel Primal (Ángel Álvarez)

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