Javea Players

Member of Javea Players?

You are invited to attend a «magical» acting workshop for FREE.

Why magical?
You will have the opportunity of playing a role without acting. No need to memorize or improvise a character. It is not the «Actor´s Studio», it is a different kind of play.

No experience is required to represent in a workshop of Family Constellations from a Primal perspective (see testimonials).

When: Saturday, February 22nd

Where: Javea Players
From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
(Please, be on time)

English web pages about Family & Personal Constellations: http://constelacionesfamiliares.es/english/

Primal Family Constellations in Javea: http://constelacionesfamiliares.es/family-constellations-javea/

Testimonials in English from participants: http://constelacionesfamiliares.es/testimonials/


Free registration:
By WhatsApp: (+34) 627619266 or Email: AngelPrimal@gmail.com